Update! It's been a long time coming... by Tom Cline

6 new pieces to view in the Art gallery, 1 piece in 2 versions in the design gallery. And yes, still working on a 'shop' for this site. New framing examples, and maybe even some pics of some shelves I have built coming soon, and a few more bits of artwork, as well. Watch for 'em!

Current Showing by Tom Cline

Hey, all. Been a while, but I am notoriously bad at updating my websites, so par for the course. I have some new and old work showing for the next few weeks at First Bank in Webster Groves at the corner of Lockwood and Elm. Bank hours are 9-5 M-Thurs, 9-530 on Friday. Come and check it out! I am going to be adding the new images into the gallery after the show (wouldn't want to spoil it...) and removing a couple old ones as I go. Comments and inquiries are encouraged! I will be making digital prints of any of the pieces in the show, and will try and get a little 'shop' going up on this website for any who are interested.

Get Framed by Tom Cline

I've finished a basic framing option and price list, some examples of which can be found in the FRAMING gallery. Also, a new painting up in the ART gallery. Check 'em out, and contact me with any questions or orders. And last but not least, expect a group of 4-5 new and old prints and paintings to be available for purchase as digital prints within the next few weeks. 

See the framing pricing HERE

Flash Prints by Tom Cline

I started a couple (heavily) tattoo flash-inspired, postcard-sized paintings. Below is the linework for the first. I am going to take these, once finished, and a few more of my more graphic prints and paintings and make digital print runs of them. These will be for sale as I finish them, through this site. Contact me with any specific requests. Prices and final images will be posted as they become available.

New images in the 'Art' section, and many, many image descriptions, media, and dates coming soon.

Framing & The Mothman Mythos by Tom Cline

I am in the process of updating a bunch of stuff on this site  and circulating my business cards, which feature a nice, small version of my first finished piece of art in about a year. Back in the saddle, as they say. Keep an eye out for new changes periodically over the next month.

Most notably, the new section, "Framing," is now up with some nice photos of the cool stuff I've been doing on that front lately. I will be making a pdf with simple pricing breakdown and style descriptions of the types of frames I build, for any interested in having me make them something.

I'm working on a comission mixed-media piece for a buddy of mine on the subject of the Mothman mythos (interesting stuff, look into it).

And last but not least, going to be doing a couple spacey-landscapey abstract prints for my big sis, who just recently got married, for her new place. Images to come as I finish, of course. Which may take a few months.